Foreign Trade Website Building SEO: The Difference Between Building a Website Yourself and Hiring an SEO Company

Foreign Trade Website Building SEO: The Difference Between Building a Website Yourself and Hiring an SEO Company

13 Jun 2024


The Importance of Foreign Trade Website Building

In the context of economic globalization, building a foreign trade website has become an important tool for enterprises to expand into international markets. A professional foreign trade website can not only enhance the brand image of an enterprise but also strengthen its risk resistance, accumulate valuable customer resources, and improve the quality of traffic. Foreign trade website building allows enterprise information to transcend geographical limitations, enabling 24/7 global exposure, which is a crucial step in the enterprise’s internationalization strategy.

What Are the Advantages of Foreign Trade Website Building SEO?

Enhancing the Brand Image: Through independent domains and personalized page designs, foreign trade website building showcases the professionalism and strength of an enterprise, increasing customer trust. An independent website can more flexibly display the corporate culture, product advantages, and successful cases, building a unique brand story.

Increasing Risk Resistance: In a changing market environment, foreign trade website building reduces the enterprise’s reliance on a single platform, avoiding risks arising from changes in platform policies or operational issues. Enterprises can independently control marketing strategies and respond quickly to market changes.

Accumulating Customer Resources: Foreign trade website building enables enterprises to accumulate customer information through various online forms, subscription functions, and social media interactions, establishing their own customer databases. This data is crucial for analyzing customer needs, optimizing product strategies, and achieving precise marketing.

High-Quality Traffic: Compared to platform websites, the traffic on a foreign trade website is more precise, as visitors actively search for and enter the website, indicating a higher interest and demand for the enterprise’s products or services.

The Difference Between Foreign Trade Website Building and Platform Sites

Independence and Autonomy: Foreign trade website building gives enterprises complete control, allowing them to freely customize website content and functions according to their needs and market strategies, without being restricted by third-party platform rules. This autonomy enables enterprises to explore market potential more deeply and achieve differentiated competition.

Rules and Traffic: Although platform websites provide some traffic and exposure opportunities, enterprises must abide by the platforms’ rules and policies or risk penalties or even account suspension. Furthermore, competition for traffic within platforms is intense, requiring continuous investment to maintain exposure.

The True Conditions for Foreign Trade Website Building

Owning your domain name, server, and website source code are the foundations of foreign trade website building. The domain name is the website’s identity on the internet, the server is the infrastructure for running the website, and the website source code is the core of the website’s functions and content. Only when these three elements are in the enterprise’s hands can it truly achieve autonomous operation and control of the website.

Technical Requirements for Foreign Trade Website Building SEO Promotion

Choosing the right website building program is crucial for foreign trade website building. Open-source programs like WordPress and Drupal, with their powerful features, flexibility, and community support, have become the preferred choice for many foreign trade enterprises. WordPress, in particular, has a wealth of plugins and theme resources that can meet diverse website building needs, from simple product displays to complex e-commerce transactions.

What Are the Advantages of an SEO Company for Foreign Trade Website Building?

The advantages of an SEO company in foreign trade website building lie in its professional technical team and rich practical experience. SEO companies can provide customized website building solutions based on the enterprise’s business characteristics and target markets. In terms of website structure design, keyword strategy, and content optimization, SEO companies can ensure that the website meets search engine optimization standards, improving its ranking in search results and attracting more targeted traffic. SEO companies can also provide continuous website maintenance and optimization services, helping enterprises adapt to changes in search engine algorithms and maintain their competitiveness.

Professional SEO Insights: SEO companies have an in-depth understanding of search engine algorithms and can provide insights into industry trends, building a solid foundation for foreign trade websites that is advantageous for ranking and visibility.

Customized Website Building Solutions: Every enterprise has a unique business model and target market. SEO companies can provide customized website building solutions to ensure that website design and content strategies align with the enterprise’s business goals and user needs.

Comprehensive Technical Integration: SEO companies consider various technical integrations when building websites, including but not limited to website speed optimization, mobile device adaptation, SSL encryption, etc., ensuring website security and high performance.

Content-is-King Strategy Implementation: High-quality content is the key to SEO success. SEO companies can assist enterprises in formulating content strategies, creating valuable and engaging content, improving user engagement and search engine rankings.

Continuous SEO Optimization Services: SEO is an ongoing process, and SEO companies provide continuous optimization services, including regular website audits, keyword optimization, technical adjustments, etc., ensuring that the website remains in optimal condition.

Data Analysis and Reporting: SEO companies can use professional analysis tools to conduct in-depth analysis of key indicators such as website traffic and user behavior, providing enterprises with detailed reports to help them understand website performance and make necessary strategic adjustments.

Multi-Channel Marketing Integration: SEO companies not only excel at SEO but can also effectively integrate SEO with other marketing channels such as PPC, social media, and email marketing, providing enterprises with comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

Risk Management and Preventive Measures: During the website building and optimization process, SEO companies can identify potential risk points and take preventive measures, such as avoiding black hat SEO techniques, to ensure the long-term health of the website.

By collaborating with an SEO company, foreign trade enterprises can ensure that their websites have good SEO foundations from the start, laying a solid foundation for future online success.

What Is the Process of Building a Foreign Trade Website SEO Yourself?

Website Planning: At the beginning of website building, enterprises need to clarify the purpose and positioning of the website. Is it for brand promotion, product sales, or providing service information? After clarifying the purpose, enterprises need to analyze the target market and competitors, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and determine their own differentiation strategies. Website planning also includes user needs analysis, website structure design, and content planning, all of which require in-depth consideration and careful planning by the enterprise.

Building the Website: Based on the website planning, enterprises need to select a suitable domain name, server, and website source code. The domain name should be concise and memorable, preferably including the company name or keywords. The server selection should consider stability, speed, and security, and it is recommended to choose a reputable service provider. The choice of website source code depends on the enterprise’s technical capabilities and website building needs, either self-developed or choosing a mature website building program.

Operation and Promotion: After the website is built, enterprises need to formulate an operational promotion plan, including content updates, user interactions, SEO optimization, advertising, etc. Operation and promotion are ongoing processes that require enterprises to continuously analyze data and adjust strategies to increase website traffic and conversion rates.

Foreign Trade Website Building Operational Promotion Strategies

Advertising: Google Ads and Facebook Ads are effective ways to quickly attract traffic. Enterprises can precisely target advertising audiences based on their target markets and user personas, improving ad conversion rates. At the same time, enterprises need to consider advertising budget control and effectiveness evaluation to maximize the return on advertising investment.

Foreign Trade Website Building SEO Promotion: SEO promotion is an important means to improve a website’s natural ranking and attract targeted traffic. Enterprises need to conduct keyword research, optimize website structure and content, and enhance the website’s search engine friendliness. Additionally, enterprises can increase the website’s authority and exposure through external link building, social media interactions, and other methods.

Multi-Channel Marketing: In addition to online advertising and SEO, enterprises can leverage various channels such as social networks, email marketing, and offline exhibitions for promotion. These channels can help enterprises expand brand influence, establish direct connections with customers, and increase customer loyalty and conversion rates.

Materials Needed for Website Building

Before building a website, enterprises need to prepare the following materials:

  • Domain Name: Choose a domain name related to the enterprise’s brand, ensuring ownership of the domain.
  • Server: Select a suitable server based on the website’s traffic and performance requirements.
  • Website Program: Choose a website building program that suits the enterprise’s needs, such as WordPress or Magento.
  • Database: Used to store website content and user data, ensuring data security and integrity.
  • Company Basic Information: Including company introduction, logo, contact information, etc.
  • Product/Service Information: Including product images, descriptions, prices, and other detailed information.
  • Reference Websites: Collect some outstanding websites in the industry as references and inspiration for website building.
  • Website Sitemap: Plan the website’s structure and navigation, ensuring users can quickly find the information they need.

Why Do SEO Companies Perform Better Than Building a Website Yourself for Foreign Trade Website Building?

Choosing an SEO company for foreign trade website building, compared to building it yourself, ensures that the website incorporates professional SEO strategies from the outset, improving search engine rankings and visibility. Additionally, it provides continuous technical support and digital marketing services, helping enterprises effectively save time and resources, enabling them to focus on core business development.

Recommendations for Choosing a Foreign Trade Website Building SEO Company

During the website building process, enterprises should consider the following points:

  • Avoid choosing low-cost website building packages, as these services are often of low quality and may have security vulnerabilities.
  • Do not trust any services that guarantee SEO results, as SEO is a long-term process that requires continuous effort and optimization.
  • Do not use cracked themes and plugins, as this may lead to website hacking or attacks.
  • Choose foreign servers to ensure international website access speed and stability.
  • Confirm ownership of the domain name and website data to avoid ownership disputes during later operations.

Consider the professionalism and after-sales support of the chosen foreign trade website building SEO company, and select a company with a good reputation and rich experience.

Host Recommendation

When choosing a server, it is recommended to consider using SiteGround or a higher-performance VPS. These service providers offer servers with high stability and speed, capable of meeting the needs of foreign trade websites. Additionally, they provide professional technical support, helping enterprises solve technical problems encountered during the website building process.

Foreign Trade Website Building SEO Promotion Methods

Website promotion is an important means of increasing website awareness and attracting traffic. Here are some common promotion methods:

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Placing keyword ads to quickly improve website exposure and click-through rates.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Optimizing website structure and content to improve the website’s natural ranking in search engines.
  • Content Marketing: Publishing high-quality original content to attract user attention and sharing, increasing the website’s authority and influence.
  • Offline Exhibitions: Participating in industry exhibitions to showcase enterprise products and attract potential customers.
  • Promotional Activities: Attracting users to purchase and spread through limited-time offers, discounts, and other promotional activities.
  • Media PR: Increasing the enterprise’s brand awareness and reputation through press releases, media interviews, and other methods.
  • Social Media Marketing: Establishing connections with users and disseminating brand information through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Video Marketing: Showcasing the enterprise’s professional capabilities and service advantages through product introduction videos, use case videos, and other content.
  • EDM Marketing: Increasing user conversion rates by sending product information, promotional activities, etc., to target users through email marketing.

Common Questions and Answers about Foreign Trade Website Building SEO Promotion

During the foreign trade website building process, enterprises may encounter the following questions:

What does the website building cost include?

Website building costs include hardware costs (such as domain names and servers) and labor costs (such as website building, operation, promotion, etc.). The specific costs depend on the enterprise’s needs and budget.

What are the advantages of WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source website building program with rich features and extensibility, suitable for various types of websites. Additionally, WordPress’ search engine friendliness can help improve the website’s ranking in search engines.

Is website filing necessary?

If using a foreign server, foreign trade website building does not require website filing. However, if using a domestic server, according to national regulations, ICP filing is required.

What are the SEO strategies?

SEO strategies need to be formulated based on the enterprise’s business characteristics and target market. They mainly include keyword research, website optimization, content marketing, external link building, etc. Enterprises can conduct SEO themselves or choose to have professional SEO companies provide services.

How reliable is outsourced website building?

The reliability of outsourced website building depends on the professionalism and reputation of the website building company. Enterprises need to carefully examine the company’s cases, reviews, and services, and choose a reliable partner.

Are domain name and website data ownership important?

The ownership of domain names and website data directly relates to the enterprise’s autonomy and control. Enterprises need to clarify ownership issues at the beginning of website building to avoid disputes during later operations.

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