Our online word-of-mouth marketing services are not just a strategy, but a comprehensive brand reputation solution. Focusing on content creation, social media engagement and engaging brand storytelling, we help brands build unbreakable reputations. We combine the latest digital marketing trends and user behavior analysis to create a continuously growing positive image and loyal customer base for your brand.

What is your biggest headache now?

What is your biggest headache now?

Blind underground advertising, unable to judge potential customers

There is no complete set of automated customer training tools

Unable to comprehensively track customers’ movements

Key points of brand management

Key points of brand management

Brand Positioning & Value

Clarify brand value and market position. Craft a unique selling proposition (USP) that differentiates the brand, meets customer needs, leverages brand strengths, and delivers unique value.

Craft Brand Tactics

Design brand elements like logos, slogans, and packaging. Implement strategies for cohesive marketing campaigns to enhance brand awareness and convey a strong brand message.

Performance Metrics

Measure campaign performance beyond surface metrics for insights into impact, benefits, and brand equity effects. This analysis is key for optimizing strategies, retaining loyalty, and attracting new customers.

Brand maintenance

Brand management's final phase focuses on asset growth, requiring strategic cohesion. Internalize the brand for employee engagement, ensuring ongoing equity and trust, and guiding new product launches.

A brand's careful management is the cornerstone of the brand's future development guide and vision. In this management process, anyone who has interacted with the brand has a profound influence on each other. How can brand products help customers? What reviews have you received from customers? Enable the brand to continuously adapt, grow and innovate. With the continuous changes in the market and the growth of time, brands have become the bridge between customers and merchants to convey and receive information.


Key points of brand management

Key points of brand management


Let employees know the company's direction and blueprint, align the company's goals with strategic planning directions, and enable stakeholders to receive consistent information.

Brand benefits


Emphasize brand differentiation and create immersive brand experiences and associations for customers. Increase customers' perceived value of the brand to increase customer loyalty and brand sales potential.

Brand management is a continuous process, which is constantly evaluated and monitored, and finally results-oriented strategies are developed. Once the strategy is successfully applied in the corporate structure, it will maintain and enhance the brand value in the long term.

Brand marketing process

Brand marketing process

1.Analyze customer brand exposure status

2.Define ZMOT keywords

3.Analyze keyword SEO feasibility

4.Define KPI

5.Determine the number of stickers

6.Customized posting platform

7.Things to note when writing custom stickers

8.Post article

9.External link promotion

10.Ranking monitoring

11.Issue reports to report results

The necessary search process to understand a brand

The necessary search process to understand a brand

What search journey does a stranger go through to find your brand on the Internet?
Background of the story: A girl’s dry skin caused her makeup to float. When she was looking for a solution, Yu Shi went through the following search process:




The fourth time

Is *** (brand) moisturizing spray good? ***(brand) moisturizing spray ingredients; ***(brand) moisturizing effect; ***(brand) moisturizing spray price

Search results and make a decision
Order *** brand spray

The third time

Moisturizing spray recommendations and usage of moisturizing spray

There are several brands of sprays online

The second time

What are the methods of setting makeup? Moisturizing makeup; setting spray, moisturizing spray; why is it easy for powder to get stuck when applying makeup?

Moisturizing spray can help set makeup


What is the reason why liquid foundation cannot be applied?

If your skin is dry or dehydrated, then she knows how to moisturize it

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